Linda de Mol is emotional during the first TV show after The Voice was revealed to the media

Linda de Mol is back on TV after months of absence. Sunday evening presented the first episode of the new season of SBS6 chasing a million dollars. The audience present gave the introduction a standing ovation which made it emotional.

In January of this year, De Mol stopped all of its activities. She did so after it was known that her partner at the time, Jeroen Rietbergen, had been accused of sexually infringing behavior behind the scenes at Holland sound. D’Mall has stopped all of her TV work and has also not been on the cover of her magazine for several months Linda.

“I thought I wasn’t going to exaggerate. It didn’t work,” she said on Sunday as the huge applause from her audience faded. She added, “How sweet it is.” “Thanks to the support and kind messages from a large group of you back home, I can honestly say I am really looking forward to this brand new season of Postal lottery Million Hunt. “

After that, De Mol moved on to the order of the day. She talked about the show and also commented how much she liked the studio being packed with fans. “Because that was a while ago,” she said. I talked about an old-fashioned bloated studio. “At last a thousand people were on the floor. How nice that you all came.”

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