Linda de Mol returns to the magazine: ‘I must muster all my courage’

“January 12, 2022,” Linda writes in “The Toughest Editorial I’ve Ever Written.” From under my feet, when someone you love so much turns out to have misbehaved with young women…it brings with it so much sadness, anger, bewilderment, and incomprehension that I can’t even describe it here.

In the first days when the news came out, she literally passed out in a daze. Jeron left the house, family and friends came. I moved from disbelief to intense anger to deeply depressed thoughts. A shame too, a huge shame, because the whole of Holland knew about it’, Linda shares her side of the story. I didn’t want to go out, nor face strangers, I locked myself in my house, didn’t sleep in a wink at night and couldn’t help but cry. And although I was surrounded by dear friends and family, I never felt lonely.

Linda swears in the editorial about her children’s lives that she knows nothing of the abuses that took place in the sound. “I have always been open and honest on the front pages of this magazine, writing to you as if you were my friends. I accept the consequences, because there will always be people who will interact with it or think something about it. Let it be,” said the announcer. They are more ”.” “And if you look at it that way, you will experience it that way.”

However, Linda doesn’t feel like it anymore, so she seeks professional help for the first time in her life. I actually didn’t like it at all, and I’m not really sure, how much I love my profession and how much my only fist is at the moment, and whether I wouldn’t be happier if I started doing something completely different with my life. And for the first time in my life I asked for professional help to answer this question, ”said the presenter.

Linda closes the letter for the time being by thanking the thousands of loved ones who have taken the trouble to support her by sending a card, letter or email. It’s really true: people are liked much more, you hear them less. It was the greatest consolation imaginable, for which we thank very much. You can read her full reaction as of Wednesday, September 21st in the new Linda..

Linda decided to pause all of her work in January, after it was revealed that her partner Jeroen Rittbergen had been accused of sexually dissenting behavior behind the scenes on the show. Holland Voice. She broke off her relationship with Jeroen. At the beginning of September, Linda returned to television with her show chasing a million dollars Then he got a warm welcome.

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