Lions Lochem Helpt enthusiastically continues to wear a smaller jacket

May 9, 16:39

the society

AMPSEN – The new space is much smaller, so they should be more important, but the members of Lions Lochem Helpt continue their good work with enthusiasm and tirelessly. Their new home is in Pactum at 10 Ampsenseweg.

by Arjen Dieperrink

At another Berkelbode from last year we reported that the lions had to empty their treasury in Hanzeweg. Behind the scenes, the members were busy working on the reboot. “We were very pampered in Hanzeweg with its 3,268 square metres. We were allowed to use the property free of charge from the owner, Explorius Vastgoedontwikkeling BV from Rijssen. For this we are very grateful to the company. But after eight years we had to leave because the building was to be demolished.

“Given the size of the space we had there, we weren’t too picky about eating the goods. There was plenty of room. Well, we knew that when we had to clean up. Now we’re more careful. No more old couches because we don’t lose that with paving stones. But There is still enough left to be worth the effort,” says initiator Huib Vreugdenhil of Lions Lochem Helpt. He’s not the only one walking around the building. Witt Burbach, Jan van der Sar and Oak Freiling are also busy, with the latter two sorting books by subject.
The area now owned by Lions Lochem Helpt is a tenth of the original area in Hanzeweg. However, they are very satisfied with it. From the Ampsenseweg 10 entrance, visitors can visit the Pactum Building every Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. It is located right after entering the entrance on the right. The Lions Lochem Berkelland-West signage on the facade leaves no doubt.
Proceeds from Lions Lochem Helpt benefit local causes. With a few exceptions: a contribution of 5,000 euros for the floods in Limburg and the same amount for the Ukraine campaign.

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The lions have good agreements with the owner Viverion. Huib Vreugdenhil: “It regularly happens that the house from which the inhabitant died is vacated. In the past this was done by a company. But then everything went to the rubbish. Much of what could still be used was thrown away. Also Viverion considered this wasteful and unsustainable. Now we replace the company and select items that are still usable.” Lions have visited five Viverion homes over the past four months. “We also come across canned food that has a long shelf life. Then we take it to the food bank. We have a different destination for clothes,” Hoeib adds.

the shop
Lions Lochem Helps puts big articles on Marktplaats, Wiet Burbach grabs his cellphone and shows up. “We don’t do that with small businesses. Then everything has to be photographed.” Many items such as a wooden revolving door, filing cabinets, or dishwasher are sold, but a vintage Dutch pendant lamp is also available.
From now on, you must call 06-53770842 or 06-54946264 to view the merchandise.

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