Little Britain removed from broadcast services for Blackface | Turns out

The duo Matt Lucas and David Walliams have long been criticized for various personalities who were perceived as discriminatory and racist. For example, Walliams played transsexual and Walliams in black for the role of a black woman.

Pictures that are no longer appropriate this time, according to the BBC. “Times have changed since then A little bit of Britain It was first shown and therefore no longer available via BBC iPlayer. ”BritBox shares the same explanation for choosing to delete the series. Come fly with me Removed from streaming services. On Netflix, according to British media, the two series have not been on the show since last week, but the streaming service was unavailable for comment.

Lucas said in 2017 that he regrets some of the characters on the show. ,,If I A little bit of Britain I will never make those bisexual jokes again. I no longer play the black characters, ”he said at the time.“ I’m not going to make a series that harms people. We made more evil comedy than I do now. “

The series is still on NPO Start. VPRO is not yet able to determine if the Little Britain comic series in the Netherlands will be removed from NPO Start. “We are in the process of deliberating,” a VPRO spokesperson said tonight. “The news is still fresh. We’ll see what the BBC and Netflix considerations, and we’ll hear what the content creators have to say about it.”

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