Live Updates: Southern California plans to stay home after the holidays

Health officials in Southern California will determine whether areas in the area will continue to carry out home stay orders after the holiday weekend, a report says.

Los Angeles Times Announced Current ICU capacity in the California and San Joaquin Valley regions is at zero. Orders will remain until more than 15% is available, the report said.

In Europe, meanwhile, Doctors, Nurses and the elderly rolled up their shirts to get the first size Vaccine Sunday at the event to mark the moment of unity and hope for a continent facing its worst health care crisis in a century.

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Fast facts

    Fossie says herd immunity numbers are ‘kestimates’, 75-80%

    There are 19.2 million confirmed corona virus cases and 333,000 deaths in the United States

“Today I am a citizen here, but above all as a nurse, to represent my health and all health care professionals who choose to trust science,” said 29-year-old Claudia Alivernini, the first person to be vaccinated at the Epidemiological Hospital in Rome. Austrian President Sebastian Kurz called the vaccine, which was developed at the time of registration, which would “change the game”.

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