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Just a little patience, and then you will succeed 2023 European Rowing Championships on. This major watersports event will take place from Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th May in the rowing Mecca of Bled, Slovenia. The annual European Championships, along with the World Cup, is one of the most important competitions in the world of rowing. It’s time to dig deeper into this big event and find out who the Dutch participants will travel to the tournament. The entire European Championship was broadcast linearly via NOS last year. If this is also the case in 2023, you will be able to watch broadcasts via NLZIET, among other things.

What does rowing really mean?

Before we move on to the European Championships, let’s briefly explain what rowing means. there different boats Each propelled by a different number of rowers. For example, there are variations where the helmsman is on the plane and not present. By the way, if he was sailing, he wouldn’t have to row. The helmsman must make sure that the boat stays on course and that the rowers keep sailing straight. They have their backs to the finish line, which makes good training and management crucial. The rowers push the boat forward through belts moving in the water. The number of these varies from one to a total of two per rower.

Rowing can no longer be ignored Olympic sports. After the first edition, it became a regular part of the men’s program and later, from 1976, also for the women. The United States has so far been the most successful at the Olympics. With 33 gold, 32 silver and 24 bronze medals they are far at the top of the medal table. Nor is the Netherlands’ performance too bad, as “we” are 12th out of a total of 43 winners with 36 medals.

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name the number of rowers
boat 🚣1
Double two 🚣 2
two with 🚣 2 + mate
two without 🚣 2
celebrate with 🚣 4+ mate
four without 🚣4
multiply by four with 🚣 4+ mate
Double four without 🚣4
eight 🚣8

Rowing technique

Whoever thinks kayaking is an easy sport is deeply mistaken. With discipline comes one Hope Technique to look. Rowers, for example, sit with their backs to the direction of movement, so they can apply extra force with their legs, back, and arms. However, it is important for the boat to pass as straight as possible through the water to maintain speed, while the athletes do not see exactly which way they are going. It is also important to stay at the same pace as the rest, so as not to lose strength. Technique consists of 5 parts: stroke, pressure, body preparation, acceleration, and variation stroke. Especially with so many rowers on board, it’s important to coordinate strength and timing, so that you’re sailing like a true team.

The Dutch national team travels to the 2023 European Rowing Championships

During the previous European Championships in Munich, about 660 rowers participated in the championship. This number will be similar to the number of participants in the European Championship that will be held in Bled (Slovenia) this year. All matches begin from 10:00 am ‘in the morning. Naturally, the Netherlands is again well represented in this European Championship and is competing for the podium spots. In total, TeamNL works with Eleven boats in different formations. The rowers had to pass many tests before the European Championships, so it was still exciting that he was allowed to go to the big tournament. like him He said Elko Menhorst, Head Coach, TeamNL Rowing: “I don’t think you can judge someone on a single moment in rowing. If everyone performs their kind of preparation and achieves a performance, I find it hard to compare.”

Finally we got to men Lennart van Lierop, Guillaume Krummenhoek, Abe Wiersma, Steve Bruenck, Melvyn Tuelar, Nelson Ritsema, Gus Mole, Olaf Molinar, Gert-Jan van Doorn, Coen Metsmackers, Ton Witten, Simon van Dorp, Finn Floren, Duke Vetter, Jan Shahid-Peg and Jacob Van de Kerkhove, Nicky Van Sprang, Mick Maker, Robin Knapp, Rick Rinks, Ralph Rinks and Sander de Graaf in action. In the slim We see Karolien Florijn, Veronique Meester, Ymkje Clevering, Laila Youssifou, Roos de Jong, Benthe Boonstra, Hermijntje Drenth, Tinka Offereins, Marloes Oldenburg, Lisa Scheenaard, Tessa Dullemans, Ilse Kolkman, Martine Veldhuis and Back Willemijn Mulder as Reserve.

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All Dutch athletes hope to get one, just like last year big success to make. For example, European and world champion in single rowing Caroline Florian will be keen to defend her titles. Melvin Tuellar will pick gold with Steve Bruenick in the double scull. The former rower was already very successful in singles sculling by taking the championship at the European Championships and the silver medal at the World Championships. We also see Veronique Meester and Wimkje Clevering in the pair without them. In Munich last year they managed to get bronze. So the duo will want to settle for at least a podium in this European Championship.

The participants are TeamNL men

boat type attendees
🚣 Scife Lennart van Lierop
🚣 two without Clouds of Krummenhoek and Abe Wiersma
🚣 Double two Steve Bruinck and Melvin Tuyler
🚣 Celebrate without Nelson Ritsema, Gus Mole, Olaf Molinar, and Gert Jan van Dorn
🚣 Double four Quinn Metsmackers, Ton Witten, Simon Van Dorp, and Finn Florin
🚣 eight Duke Vetter, Jan van der Beij, Jacob van de Kerkhove, Nicky van Sprang, Mick Maker, Robin Knapp, Rick Rinks, Ralph Rinks, Sander de Graaf

TeamNL women posts

boat type attendees
🚣 Scife Caroline Florin
🚣 two without Veronique Meester Wimkje Clevering
🚣 Double two Leila Youssoufou and Roos de Jong
🚣 Celebrate without Beneth Bonestra, Hermigentje Drenth, Tinka Auveriens, and Marlos of Oldenburg
🚣 Double four Lisa Chinard, Tessa Dolemans, Ilse Kolkmann and Martin Feldhuis
🚣 Reserve William Mulder

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