Lomelin MP is allowed to speak in the British Parliament about importing ‘hunting trophies’.

LommalOn Wednesday afternoon, MP Kris Verduyckt (Vooruit) will address the British Parliament by invitation. Verduyckt will explain his unanimously approved plan to ban the importation of hunting trophies into Belgium from rare species such as lions, polar bears and tigers.

“I received a call from the All Party Parliamentary Committee on the Prohibition of Cup Hunting. They are going to launch a statement there in which they will discuss in detail the situation regarding the importation of hunting trophies into the United Kingdom. ” There is a Conservative leader in the group who invited me, but there are also a lot of Labor MPs.

Jane Goodall

During the event, in addition to Verduyckt’s testimony on the state of our country, several keynote speakers will be on the floor, including accredited Foreign Secretary George Eustis, former President of Botswana Gama (2008-2018) and world-renowned anthropologist. Dr. Jane Goodall.

In the UK, Boris Johnson’s government announced stricter file hunting laws. Last week, the British Parliament set a date for a vote on a bill. The debate is fierce and Verdict is convincing current MPs of a different approach to the International Cup hunt through his testimony.

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