London authorities are tired of harassing TikTok youths

Mizzy was arrested, and the footage was seen on TikTok.  picture

Mizzy was arrested, and the footage was seen on TikTok.

Until recently, no one had heard of Mizzy, whose real name is Bacari-Bronze O’Garro. That was quickly changed by some popular videos. You can see how he tore pages from a library book in the presence of a librarian, how he tried to jump on an orthodox Jew and how a dog kidnapped a woman in a park. He also asked three girls, who were waiting for the train in the evening, if they wished to die. According to Mizzi, his actions are mere pranks on the streets of the capital.

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Patrick van Eisendorn is the UK and Ireland correspondent for De Volkskrant. He has lived in London since 2003 and has written several books, including on Brexit.

A popular video shows a well-spoken Londoner walking into a house, to the horror of the residents, presumably looking for a study group. He was arrested earlier this week. This led to a lawsuit in which the judge imposed a fine of 230 euros on him. He also had to pay €190 in legal costs. The judge ruled that Mizzy, who wore a face mask and hood in court, was no longer allowed to distribute prank videos.


It earned him an appearance on TV personality Piers Morgan’s talk show. During the fierce interview, he showed little remorse for his actions. Mizzi indicated that the color of his skin plays a role in the audience’s alienation from his persona. Morgan called Mizzy an “idiot,” TikTokker said the same about the host. De Morgan was clear about the judge’s ruling: “Can I help that British laws are so weak?”

Shortly after his conviction and TV appearance, TikTokker decided to capitalize on his fame by redistributing some of his old videos across social media. It shows, among other things, how to lie on a moving bus and spin around in a supermarket. This violation of the terms did not go unnoticed by the authorities, which led to a new arrest on Friday morning.

Naturally, this event was also captured on a TikTok video.

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