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Sloetjes was the main striker for the Dutch team, who achieved special success from 2015 to 2019. Orange came second in the 2015 and 2017 European Championships and fourth in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and the 2019 World Cup. At the club level, Sloetjes won almost everything to win. Top Turkish club Vakifbank shirt.

For the team of new Dutch national coach Avital Selinger, saying goodbye is painful. Next year, the World Cup will be held on Dutch soil, and behind Sluities is not ready yet. The Netherlands did not qualify for the Tokyo Olympics.

“Over the past year I’ve been looking for motivation and motivation to start playing again,” explains Slotejs. However, the itch did not come back to play. I notice that I get a great deal of energy from other things that come my way and I can learn, for example in my field of study. I also want to be near my family now. I’m so grateful for everything I’ve been able to try. Successes with Oranje and Vakifbank will always be with me. And of course also the many friendships I’ve made from volleyball. All is well. “

Giovanni Gedetti

Giovanni Gedetti, former coach at Vakifbank and Oranje, lyrically talks about Sloetjes: “When I started as a national coach for the Dutch national team, Lonneke was a big surprise to me. I didn’t have a good idea of ​​who she was and what she could do, until Jill (assistant coach) called me At the time, an editor) said, “Come and take a look at this tug, she’s awesome. I saw her attack her and said, Wow, who is that?” From that moment on, I immediately knew how important she was to Orange. She got her contract with Vakifbank right away and that was the beginning. great story.

“Lonneke is in my heart and in my memories as I use her as a role model and role model for young talents”

„In my career, I have managed many great players, but“ Lonny ”is really at the top of my list because I have never met a player so liked. The staff, fans and her teammates loved her. She was always training fun, always working hard and always giving her everything. Really cool example and great guy. She was a player with more human qualities than the technical qualities of volleyball, and that says a lot about someone who has achieved a lot. “

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“Lonneke is in my heart and in my memories as I use her as a role model and role model for young talent. It quickly became one of the best. diagonal In the world, it has done so through an attitude of continuous learning and improvement. Plus, she’s always been humble and that makes her a great champ. She never looked at what she had achieved, but she worked every day to get better. This is a lesson for everyone, and that means it has earned me a place among the best athletes I have ever worked with. “

‘Outstanding athlete’

“Lonkey is a player who combines ambition, responsibility and perfection,” said Joop Alberda, coach of Nevobo. “This rare combination of qualities makes her an outstanding athlete. She has always remained very humble and I think she herself does not realize how great she was as a player. Her contribution to Dutch volleyball is attributed in capital letters to the history of our sport. Nevubu is always ready to help her as she embarks on a new phase in her life.”

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