Look inside! Linda lives in a quaint 1930s home in Oud-Beijerland

Linda Nijssen’s love for the distinctive home begins at Zinkweg. She loves this house, but when she gets to know her great love Marcel, they move in together in a new home in Poortwijk. Despite the space and luxury that Linda cannot get used to, so they look for a new place. It has to be smaller and most importantly to Linda: have the soul.

Open things up

In this search I stumbled upon an old 1930s home in HBS Laan, also in Oud-Beijerland. It’s an opportunity, she says. “The place is green and quiet yet you can easily walk to the center.” They had to look through it while watching. Before that, an old lady lived here. It was old fashioned and the layout of the rooms was no-brainer. “The customer review was automatically translated from Dutch. That’s why they converted the entire ground floor into one room and built a part of it. Daylight shines profusely.”

White interior, colorful person

To make the room brighter, she chose a white interior. They sometimes say: Your home is a reflection of your mind. Well, in my case, I don’t know if this also applies, ”she says, laughing. “I just hope people find me someone who is colorful and warm.” She doesn’t have to think long of where her love for white comes from. Linda: “This color is important to me: it gives me peace of mind.”

Dirty quickly

And no, we’re not talking about some white accessories. Almost everything is white. Even the floor. Everyone advised not to. It must be repainted every four years. And of course you see everything. Dirty paws, for example. ”She laughs,“ For me, cleansing is an exercise, you know. I’m busy on this floor four times a week. Just like that sport: curling.

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Our first energy bill shocked us to death.

Simple glass

Despite the ergonomic features of the home, it took them months to get used to it. “Moving here feels like a step back. We got used to building a big new house and we had to sacrifice space here.” They also had to adapt in terms of comfort. We fell asleep here for the first time in December 2019. Since some of the windows still had only one glass, it was very cold. Our first energy bill shocked us to death. “

Never leave

It turned out to be a matter of persistence, as they didn’t want to miss this house for anything. Yes: we had to compromise on space and luxury. But in the end it brought us a lot of good, too. We couldn’t get rid of half of our stuff, so it was a good time to ‘unwind’. Now we only have what we really like. “

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