Looking back at the political year 2022 with the Coalition Chairs

On Thursday evening, Sven Köckelmann and Fidan Ekez hosted the talk show in 1. See below the guests who will be joining tonight’s broadcast in 1 On Thursday, December 15th.

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Threads in 1 From Thursday 15 December

  • Never has a documentary been watched more on Netflix than Harry & Meghan Part 1 in its first week. And where the couple stayed somewhat level in the first part, they showed the back of their tongue more in the second. How is the response in the UK? Reporter Leah Van Bekhofen He tells it tonight in Op1.

  • At least three Spoorloos participants are linked to the wrong biological parents, KRO-NCRV reports today. One of them is Barbara Coy. The Colombian-born woman has now found her mother. Tonight she slips with Fiona Tigatzhelping mismatched people find their real parents, in Op1.

  • After months of negotiations, the Rutte IV government finally came to pass in January. The Cabinet, with soaring gas prices, inflation and social unrest over nitrogen policy and ministers visited at home, had plenty to choose from. What went well and what could be improved? Tonight in the first round we look with the heads of the coalition groups Sophia Hermans (VVD), Jean Paternot (D66), Peter Herma (CDA) f Gert Jean Segers (CU) returns to the 2022 political year.

Late night talk show in 1 They can be seen every working day at about 22:30 on NPO 1. You can watch every episode and the best clips in 1 Looking back At Guide.tv.

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