Looking inside Zwolle’s Dewi: “I applied for this house with a drawing”

Mushroom lamps, funny illustrations and a bathroom with a Maria theme: Dewi van der Zijden’s apartment (26) in Kamperpoort in Zwolle is full of playful things. “I already have a lot of stuff for the space available,” she says. take a look.

Dewey originally dated Alvin aan den Rhine, but moved to Zwolle five years ago for her studies. She first studied graphic design at Deltion College and now illustration at ArtEZ University of the Arts. “I really like the Academy. I get a lot of freedom for my personal research and development.”

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Started at Veerallee

Her first home in Zwolle was a student room in the Veerallee district. “This was a lovely place with its own kitchen and balcony. But during lockdown I felt the need for more space to myself. Plus, my housemates often get coronavirus, which meant I had to go into isolation regularly.”

graphics as an application

Dewey soon came across the flat on Hoogstraat in Kamperpoort. She was so excited that she asked the real estate agent how she could improve her chances of getting the house. “The owner loved it when I presented myself in a creative way. Kind of like a job application.”

Leave that to Dewey with her creative background. She painted a picture of herself. “I painted myself with a Barbie doll that was ‘new to the lot.’ The doll had all kinds of things that said something about me, like a mushroom lamp, plants, and drawing materials.”

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I have a lot of stuff.

Optimal use of space

The 28 square meter flat was very welcome, but still presented the necessary challenges. “I have a lot of stuff. Actually, it’s too much for this space,” says Dewey. “Hence the loft bed: It provides a place to sleep and a place to work all in one.”

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Crazy with mushrooms

Everywhere you look, fun things are standing or hanging. “I love searching thrift stores and markets.” An example of this unique find is her collection of mushroom bulbs. “Mushrooms and fungi are very interesting,” Dewey says with a laugh. “People often find them uncomfortable and sloppy, but I try to see the beauty in them.”

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themed bath

The bathroom has been given a specific theme. It started with the statue of Mary. “Exactly because the statue was for sale and no one wanted it, I thought it was beautiful. I added some candles and hung a diamond painting of Maria. This is how the theme gradually took shape.”

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Photo: Zufuleh neighborhood.

Playing the bass guitar

A bass guitar adorns the corner of the living room. It’s Dewi’s latest acquisition: she bought it a few weeks ago. As a woman from Zwolle plays the guitar, she talks about her new hobby. “I wanted to learn to play an instrument. Now I practice every day. I like it, I play a little better.”

Move soon

Does Dewey have any wishes for her apartment? “Move,” she laughs. “It’s a pretty cool place, don’t get me wrong. But I’ve noticed I have a little shortage of space.” Besides, Dewey will have to leave soon anyway. “It’s a student apartment: you can’t live in it unless you study. I’m going to graduate soon, so I have to look for something else.” Will Dewey stay in Zwolle? “Yes, I see Zwolle as having a lot of potential for creative entrepreneurs.”

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