Looks at meta, a US competition monitoring subsidiary

Washington (AP) – The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and several US states are investigating Oculus. The company, which makes virtual reality glasses like Meta’s subsidiary Facebook, is said to be guilty of unfair competition practices. It is reported by financial news agency Bloomberg, based on insiders.

Employees of the U.S. Competition Monitoring Group have been talking to developers developing applications for Oculus in recent months. The company’s App Store for Virtual Reality Glasses supports Oculus self – created programs. Also, some developers accuse the company of copying promising ideas and making it too difficult for some third-party applications to work properly on the platform.

FTC wants to know more about Oculus’ sales strategy. The company’s headsets are much cheaper than competitors like Taiwan HTC.


The FTC’s investigation may have frustrated Meta’s plans called Metawares. CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to turn his social media company into a digital meeting place, for example conversations, games and shopping thanks to VR headsets. Adults in the United States and Canada can already use Meta’s platform Horizon Worlds to play games in virtual reality.

The parent company of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus changed its name to meta this fall to underline its reliance on metawares. The Internet group previously announced that it would need to invest significantly more to create a digital world indistinguishable from the real thing. Meta, then Facebook, bought Oculus in 2014 for $ 2 billion (8 1.8 billion).

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