Lord Of The Rings Movie Costs Over $1 Billion, But A Few Of Colored Elves Are Threatening To Get Rid Of It

With an expensive TV series based on Lord of the rings –JRR Tolkien wrote, Jeff Bezos wants to put streaming service Amazon Prime on the map permanently. But a bunch of colorful elves and dwarves threaten to throw a wrench into the works.

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55 sec trailer. That’s all it takes to build a hardened army Lord of the rings –To attract fans to the fight online. Since the trailer was first seen during the Superbowl, it has already amassed 28 million views and nearly 80,000 comments on YouTube. The same quote keeps coming back in those comments. It was translated into something like this: “Evil cannot create something new, it can only corrupt and destroy what good has been invented and done.” Under the section you’ll find it in a variety of world languages. With this quote attributed to JRR Tolkien, fans are making it clear that they aren’t too excited for the TV version of their favorite story.

Judging by the first pictures, this is in line with what Peter Jackson previously did on the big screen with Lord of the rings –triple. Except for those details: the skin tone of a number of the main characters. Promotional photos circulating in recent weeks show that Arondir the elf, played by Ismael Cruz Cordova, and dwarf princess Disa, a role of Sophia Nomvete, look more lively than fans apparently imagined. This results in a lot of comments online in which their makers are accused of wanting to “wake up” excessively. A reaction that, according to fans, is jeopardizing Tolkien’s legacy.

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The digital resentment that has emerged en masse in recent days has caused Jeff Bezos to get at least a mild headache. The Amazon CEO has paid about $250 million for the television rights to JRR Tolkien’s collected work and is spending an estimated $1 billion to distill a five-season TV series from it. This series should become the flagship of streaming service Amazon Prime. Bezos hopes to have a successful series that will allow him to bridge the gap in rival Netflix – at least in part.

But you need viewers for that. Many viewers. And in 2022, you can attract them only with a chain in which the largest possible number of population groups are represented. Which immediately explains why this time, unlike in the movies, elves and colored dwarves appear. “Tolkien’s stories are for everyone,” producer Lindsey Webber said in a statement. Vanity Fair. “We took for granted that contemporary adaptation would show the world as it effectively appears today.”


But some fans clearly think otherwise. “It’s a well-known phenomenon,” says Frederic Daines, professor of media studies at the University of Ghent. Fans often build an intimate bond with certain stories or characters. They also want to be seen depicted, but only in a way that matches their expectations. If not, or if something happens to those characters that don’t match their thoughts, the reactions could be too fierce.”

In 1893, for example, the magazine saw Strand His subscription base abruptly waned when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle decided to let Sherlock Holmes die in one of his stories. In the digital age, the fierce reactions of the fans are even more annoying for the makers. “These disgruntled fans now have an entire arsenal at their disposal to show their displeasure.”

A first look at the new landscapes of Middle-earth.amazon image

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In the Lord of the rings –Moreover, the story is not only about emotional reactions. Tolkien’s stories were retrieved for some time by (extreme) right-wing conservative forces. Tolkien placing one race above another in his fantasy world is hard for the racist grind. Extracting from the witches, trolls and other creatures that inhabit Middle-earth, you find yourself with the story of a group of heroes who have overcome a host of obstacles and enemies in order to protect their traditional way of life. “When a story like this gets a recent update, the ‘awake’ blame reverberates quickly,” says Daines.

This is not the first time that the appearance of colorful characters in contemporary adaptations of well-known stories has caused a stir. That the leadership role in Anne Bolin, a historical series about the second wife of Henry VIII, played by a woman of color, has been the subject of debate recently. And also about the colorful actors in the Netflix historical series Bridgeton It was hotly debated, especially in the United Kingdom. After that, we did not mention the excavator that they made star Wars He surpassed them when they introduced Asian and black characters to the franchise.

Thus, Jeff Bezos is not the first to deal with angry fans, and certainly not the last. “Popular culture is constantly changing,” Denins explains. “It makes sense that you wouldn’t continue telling old stories the same way.” According to Daines, the adverse reactions emerging now need not necessarily be a big problem. “We now know that a small group of people can make a lot of noise online.”

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Powerstarting September 2 on Amazon Prime.

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