Lorenzo De Luca heads to Boden Farms to train Emily Moffett

Britain’s Emily Moffett, 23, has found a new coach at Lorenzo de Luca. The goal is that the Italian jockey, who announced a few weeks ago that he will be leaving the Stifex Staples, will prepare her for the Paris Olympics in 2024. It’s the “perfect match” so Italian jumper Lorenzo Di Luca has been set to the next level as she sets her sights on the Paris Olympics 2024.

De Luca, 33, will coach Emily on a large scale and replace Olympic gold medalist Ben Maher, 38, who has worked with Emily and Bowden Farms for the past five years.“It has been an amazing journey and it has been a privilege to work with Ben for the past five years,” Emily said.

“I believe now that I am at a critical stage in my development as a rider, and Lorenzo will be able to bring his vast experience as a rider and significant training time in the UK to help me achieve my goals.”

Neil Moffett, Emily’s father, who owns Boden Farms, said: “I would like to thank Ben for all his work and accomplishments with Emily. It was also a pleasure watching him grow into an Olympic gold medalist alongside Boden Farms, the prodigy of blasting W.

“Now it is time for new beginnings, and the appointment of Lorenzo will take Emily and Bowden Farms to the next level. He has a proven track record not only as a jockey but also for successfully producing young horses. I think he is the best match for Emily’s farm and.”

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Emily started coaching with Ben Maher in 2016 at the age of 17. Within the first few months of their partnership Emily moved up to Level 5* and did so successfully.

Lorenzo said: “I am very excited to be working with Emily Moffett and the Boden team. Emily is already an established name and I am looking forward to enhancing her talent and pursuing new goals. Poden Farms would like to train more young horses in the future, which is something I enjoy there. I am really looking forward to taking these horses to the highest level in the sport.”

Source: press release

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