Lots of positive feedback has been spotted from Trade Fair Public Space + Updates

The Trade Fair Public Space was the first trade fair to be held again at Jaarbeurs Utrecht in a long time. The exhibitors, visitors and trade fair organizer were very pleased that the live trade fair can finally take place again.

It was also nice that Pretwerk.nl could search for new things again. We’ll introduce our “loot” in this article.

We spoke with trade show organizer Mark de Winter at the end of the show’s second day. He was particularly happy that the trade fair season had restarted: “This was Garbor’s first trade fair in Utrecht in a long time. We prepared everything well and it went very well. We also saw many other fair organizers who wanted to know how to organize it. There is a response. Enthusiasm on the show floor for trade fair in the new normal. Personal customer contact and networking have already been overlooked in recent times. Exhibitors mainly talk about a very efficient fair, with visitors highly focused on product research.”

more information: www.openbareruimte.nl

Novelties in the show

As you are used to from us, Pretwerk is always looking for new novelties and developments in trade fairs, which can also be applied in the entertainment sector. We found three:

The Fitness Jumper from Compan

Urban sports and outdoor fitness are on the increase. Many gyms already operate mini trampolines for group lessons. Kompan developed a version of the outdoor fitness exercise. Trampolines are slightly different from the ones you can buy at a retailer. Much attention has been paid to making the design vandal-proof (including making it impossible to throw sand under the trampoline.) In addition, the flexibility of the trampoline has been deliberately adjusted to make the device safer to use.

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more information: www.kompan.com/news/fitness-jumper-1

Make heavy-duty prints on concrete with the print gallery

A concrete wall, column, floor, or piece of furniture no longer has to maintain an industrial gray look. A special process has been developed in Gallery Printing by which concrete objects (also with a rough surface) can be printed with a wear-resistant print. At the central station in The Hague, the concrete columns have already been transformed into beautiful advertising columns with the city’s artistic frescoes in this way. In the gallery we find an example of a concrete bench that has been given an artistic appearance. (look at the picture).

more information: www.theprintgallery.nl/wallprint

Connect playground equipment using a QR code with an app – by Boer Play

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