Louis Baertsoen must keep GSG Aarschot in Division 1: ‘America was a very rewarding experience’ | Basketball> Brabant

Division 2 basketballAt the end of last season, GSG Aarschot saw two players move to America. Matthew Hodge picked up a high school in New Jersey and was taken in by the Kim Clijsters family. Louis Peterson looked elsewhere and ended up in California. Earlier than expected he returned to our country and to Arshut.

This past weekend, Louis Bertsoyen had an important wicket in Archot’s victory over Quarguenon. Louis Bertsoyn? Wasn’t he in the United States? “Right. It has always been my dream to be able to work in the States. I played in California in TMG. In itself I was also working on a good season and got a lot of minutes. At the end of last year there was a difference in vision that made me I decide to return to our country. I want to emphasize that I left with a good feeling and that I made this choice myself. America has been a very rewarding experience.”

GSG Aarschot

Louis Baertsoen continues to cherish the overseas plans, but he had to be able to keep working after leaving America to keep the pace of the game going. “I immediately contacted the Aarschot board and asked if I could complete this season with them. I worked last year already at Haagland and it was a stroke of luck. The club management were happy to accept that. Thanks for that. I hope to be back in America next season.” “I am currently looking at the different options. The alternative would be to work somewhere in Europe, but on a professional basis.”

Louis Baertsoen hopes to return to the United States this summer.

Louis Baertsoen hopes to return to the United States this summer. © EVL

Tuition fees

When you are nineteen years old, it is not easy to build a sporting life on your own in the other side of the world. Louis Bertsoyen understands that this step requires sacrifices. Matthew Hodge resides in New Jersey. A seven hour trek is enough to get there. There he is also taken care of by the Clijsters. I choose ca. This is too far. She visited my family once and I came back to Belgium once to arrange the papers. The rest of the time I was alone in the States. This is not a complaint, just a fact.”

“In the United States I grew up as a basketball player and as a human being. My self-confidence has increased dramatically. When I return to America next season, I want to work on my team selection. I have to be myself as a player, and I have to have a coach who gives me confidence and supports my style of play. Maybe it happened. Something’s wrong there these past few months. Again, not a bad word about my former team.”

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