Louis Hamilton is going to feel naked: nose piercings, necklaces and jewelry should be removed in Australia

Has there ever been a more fashion-conscious driver in L1 history than Louis Hamilton? Britt goes to fashion shows and wears the most fun creations on race weekends, like getting tattoos and tattoos all over his body. But at the Australian Grand Prix this weekend he has to pour his jewelry into the glove box.

Racing director Niels Wittitch has put the rules for this weekend in a document, and says F1 drivers are not allowed on the track with piercings, chains and other jewelry. That they will be tested.

Nose piercings definitely stand out, but do they even check where there are more piercings in HAM ?!

This rule was already introduced by the FIA ​​in 2005. Surprisingly, Witch now makes that rule very clear in his notes for this one racing weekend. Since 2005, this rule has not been very strictly enforced.

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