Louis van Gaal on the Dutch national team: ‘A handful of glorified stars’

“Now look at the European Men’s Championship,” Van Gaal told the players. “Then you see that a glorious group of stars can’t do that.”

Get gold

He then referred to Sarina Wegmann, the women’s national team coach. “I’ve always seen under Sarina that there’s a team going through fire for each other. So make sure you go to the Olympics as a team, with your coach, to get the gold there.”

Van Gaal’s sarcasm is remarkable because his name is regularly mentioned as a possible successor to national coach Frank de Boer, who resigned on Monday. He himself regularly hinted that he no longer aspired to the position of coach. He would also feel abandoned when De Boer was hired because the guild had not contacted him.

third place المكان

Van Gaal went through two stints as a national coach. In 2000/2001, his term expired prematurely because the Orange team failed to qualify for the 2002 World Cup under his leadership.

At Zeist, he didn’t want to say anything about a possible third term as national coach, KNVB announced in advance. Van Gaal was in farewell training to present the awards to national coach Wegmann and Vivien Miedema, which he received last year during the FIFA World Cup Gala.

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