Love and Monsters is a remarkably cute adventure story, with room for weakness ★★★★ ☆

love and monsters

Most of humanity has been destroyed. This often happens in the movies, because the post-apocalyptic genre thrives like never before. Hence, Joel (Dylan O’Brien, better known from maze runnerseries) quickly summarizes it in the first minutes of love and monsters: The involvement of a large comet destroyed by missiles, but its chemical fallout caused a biological disaster. Cold-blooded animals, from ants to salamanders, turned into giant human-devouring monsters.

Since then, Joel has been hiding in a basement with two of his struggling companions. Seven years have already passed and life is under control. Joel’s live group is tight-knit and harmonious, but he’s the only person there. He began to work more and more with his old girlfriend Amy (Jessica Henwick), with whom he had occasional walkie-talkies.

Joel decides to visit her. It’s a life-threatening seven-day flight over Earth, and he’s completely unprepared for it. Joel is not Tom Cruise, because he freezes at any kind of danger. The nice thing about Netflix production love and monsters is to focus on weakness; Nobody thinks it’s a shame that Joel, who lost his parents as a teenager, isn’t a hero. The movie’s starring lies in cooperation and assistance.

It makes this adventure story remarkably cute, with some scary monsters still appearing throughout. Those monsters look foul (visual effects of love and monsters They were nominated for an Academy Award) and each had their own personality. The more Joel knew about them, the better he could defend himself.

The original script of love and monsters (Probably the title most relevant to the movie since then Snakes on a plane) comes from Brian Duffield, who also directed the satirical teen comedy all by herself Written and directed. Duffield proves once again that he is able to rejuvenate the popular genre with humor and sympathy. Story of the love and monsters It offers few surprises, but Joel’s path to the predicted finish is surprisingly sympathetic, witty and fun.

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love and monsters


★★★★ ☆

Reggie Michael Matthews.

I met Dylan O’Brien, Jessica Henwick and Michael Rooker.

109 minutes, available on Netflix.

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