‘Love Is Blind’ Reunion ‘After the Altar’ Is Now On Netflix And It’s So Dramatic

It’s been more than two years since the co-stars of the Netflix series love is blind They gave each other a yes (or no word). So it’s time to take another look at everyone’s performance, the streaming service thought. All contestants have been gathered together for three episodes Love is blind: after the altar The result is more dramatic than you might think.

You can recently watch Love Is Blind on Netflix again. in a private meeting, Love is blind: after the altarConsisting of three episodes, the participants see each other again months later. This makes for some dramatic confrontations.


One of the participants who spoke the most about love is blind It was Jessica. And it’s not just about letting her dog drink from her wine glass. Throughout the entire season, viewers got the impression that Jessica would have preferred to be engaged to Barnett rather than Mark, which she eventually ended up with.

In the first meeting, this actually led to a fierce confrontation between Jessica and Amber, who were married to Barnett. The two ladies will meet at the reunion, so it remains to be seen if the folds are settled in the meantime.

no mark

Not all participants can be seen in Love is blind: after the altar. For example, Mark, who almost married Jessica in the series, did not go to the reunion set. After the series, several stories about Mark appeared. For example, after the series, Jessica said that Mark cheated on her with “several women” during their engagement.

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Later on, he also had a short-term relationship with LC, who appeared early in the series, but failed to get engaged. But while I thought it was an exclusive relationship, Mark thought otherwise. Although Mark was not present at the reunion, the topic was discussed and tensions quickly escalated.

Giannina and Damian

The final exciting part of the encounter is the relationship between Giannina and Damien. Their relationship had a dramatic ending in the series. But in the first meeting, a few months after shooting, it became clear that they were a couple again and this time they were taking things easy.

But later Damien is seen with Francesca Fan Too hot to handle We also see it in reunions.

Watch the trailer for it here Love is blind: after the altar:

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