Love Island winners Job and Esmée break up | View Instagram

. relationship love islandSpouses Esmée Cox and Job Stevens ended up. The spark flew between the two during the dating program, but the flame has since been extinguished. “Sometimes you have to give up on each other, and yes, that hurts a lot,” Job wrote on his Instagram Stories.

Job and Esmee won in 2021 love island And he came home with 25,000 euros. On Instagram, the lovebirds bombarded her followers with romantic snaps and in September of last year, the two decided to move in together.

Although everything is going well, Job and Esmée announced last night that they are breaking up. “Sometimes you have to let go of each other, and yes, that hurts a lot,” Job wrote in his letter. He also told us in it that things didn’t go well between him and Esmée for a long time. “Together we’ve worked hard on our relationship, but now it’s better this way.”

Esmée says the same on her Instagram Stories. “Despite the fact that we would have liked to see things differently, we are going our own way and now it seems like the best decision for both.”

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