LTO: “Utrecht district does not provide space for intensive livestock rearing”

There is no place for intensive livestock farming in Utrecht. Bert van Duncellar, chairman of LTO North County, draws this conclusion based on the way the county applies the agricultural vision and environmental law.

This week, Van Doncellar held a discussion on the matter with Representative Huib van Essen (GroenLinks). The province applies the rules stipulated in the Agricultural Vision and the Environmental Law very strictly. Too strict, in our opinion. Future prospects should be presented to intensive companies that fulfill social requirements and desires, but we do not actually see this in practice.

By the way, the evolution isn’t new, says the LTO manager. Previously, there was already little room for intensive cultivation, but the beautiful words of the Agricultural Vision did not materialize. I can only conclude that as far as the county is concerned, there is no future for intensive farming in Utrecht.

Development space

Only in small parts of the province is there still room for intensive livestock development. Elsewhere, the rating criteria are so high that it’s actually pointless to develop them, says Van Duncelaar. Fortunately, many entrepreneurs are sorting for that and they still have the passes off the shelf. But this problem must be solved within ten years, otherwise many entrepreneurs will run into trouble

This particularly affects companies that want to innovate and are a guide to the future. During the conversation, the deputy indicated that the boycott’s policy is not aimed at building the abode of death. Van Doncellar sees it differently. I blame them for that. Still, companies that covet all those social desires and requirements aren’t given any space.

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Van Donselaar believes the goal should be to develop a space for companies that earn that and want to continue. “There’s not much, so I really wonder what the county is doing.” Next year’s agricultural vision assessment is a good time to make our point, according to the International Organization for Long-Term Communications. “This was preceded by a conversation with Van Essen.”

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