Lukas Wagmeister and Karina ter Horst are new deputy NOS News

NOS / Stefan Heijdendael and NOS / Gonnie Spijkstra

NOS News

Lukas Wagmeister and Karina ter Horst will be the new deputy editors-in-chief of NOS News. This means that the editor-in-chief of NOS News will be completed again from the beginning of next year.

Ter Horst (55) is the head of NOS OP 3 and will take office on February 1. Waagmeester, 44, is still a reporter in America and will join on March 1, when he arranged his return from Washington, D.C.

The Editor-in-Chief position became available following the departure of Editor-in-Chief Marcel Gelauf last September. Since then, the management of NOS News has consisted of Editor-in-Chief Giselle Van Can, Deputy Editor-in-Chief Bart Liefrink, and Deputy Editor-in-Chief Wilma Hahn.

Diverse experiences

To be able to continue to perform the work and all the responsibilities associated with the size and journalistic ambitions of NOS News, it was decided to expand the editor-in-chiefs by two deputies. Waagmeester and Ter Horst were selected after an indoor and outdoor application round.

Editor-in-Chief Van Can says he is proud to have “so much quality within the company that we’ve found two seasoned journalists who are now bringing their expertise to the editor-in-chief.”

According to Van Can, Ter Horst thinks he is “not like everyone else” in the audience and has a keen interest in the talent. Waagmeester brings “a wealth of experience” from the field and praises Van Cann for his journalistic intuition.

Many things come together

Since its inception, ten years ago, I have led an editorial team of more than sixty people, most of them young NOS’ers. They make, among other things, podcasts on NPO 3FM and FunX as well as the award-winning online production of NOS op 3 and NOS Stories.

She describes her date as “a moment where many things come together”. She says she embraces her role “with pride and confidence and fun and in her own way.”

Africa, Asia and America

Lukas Wagmeister started working for NOS in 2004 as foreign editor. Five years later, he made the switch to reporter. His first post was in South Africa. Between 2011 and 2014 he was the NOS correspondent for India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Wagmeister then worked out of Turkey for six years, and in 2020, in President Trump’s final days, became NOS’s multimedia correspondent in Washington, DC.

“As a reporter, I’ve always tried to provide sharpness and clarity, as well as stating uncomfortable facts,” says Wagmeister. “This is the role of the NOS and I will also try to support it from the editor-in-chief. I look forward to returning to the Netherlands and to the editorial office with all my learning.”

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