Lula wins the Brazilian elections in a neck and neck race

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The Brazilian elections ended in a volatile race with a narrow victory for left-wing candidate Lula da Silva. He received just under 51 percent of the vote, slightly more than incumbent President Bolsonaro.

Neither candidate has yet responded to the result, which was announced shortly before midnight. Lula supporters took to the streets in abundance while Bolsonaro supporters reacted disappointingly

Polls close at 9pm Dutch time. In the vote count, Bolsonaro was initially ahead, but during that evening, Lula entered and did not give up his lead by the minute. As voting computers were used, the vote counting process was carried out quickly.

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About 150 million Brazilians were allowed to vote. Public transportation is now free in nearly 400 cities to make voting as attractive as possible:

Polling stations in Brazil are open

During polling, there were reports of police officers stopping buses with voters to take control. It is the poor Brazilians who use these buses and they generally prefer Lula. On the other hand, the Brazilian police employ many Bolsonaro supporters. In Minas Gerais, where everything revolves around the candidate who gets the most votes, people still have to buy a ticket to go to the metro polling station.

Both Bolsonaro and Lula are convinced of victory

Bolsonaro cast his vote for a military complex in Rio de Janeiro early this morning. “I expect us to win for Brazil,” he said. Vote for Lula near São Paulo. He described the day as the most important day of his life: “I am convinced that Brazilians will vote for a plan where democracy will win.”

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    Bolsonaro cast his vote in Rio de Janeiro
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    Lots of interest after Lula cast his vote in Sao Paulo

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