Lunana, A Yak in the Classroom is a hipster movie from the Kingdom of Bhutan

Lunana, Thor Yak in class
Directed by: Bao Chunying Dorje.
With Sherab Dorji and Bim Zam

Belinda van de Graaf

Of the five films nominated for the Academy Award for Best International Film earlier this year, there was a small surprise: Lunana, Thor Yak in class From the Kingdom of Bhutan. In the movie, we watch a young teacher who is sent to the remote mountain village of Lunana. It is a village hidden in the Himalayas.

To reach it, Guru Ugyen has to take an eight-day walk through the wild nature. Accompanied by two experienced yak herders and a mule, he makes the grueling climb to reach a settlement somewhere on the border of Bhutan and Tibet, completely cut off from the modern world.

56 villagers playing themselves

However, Bhutanese expat Bao Chunying Dorje was able to film a feature film in Lunana, with the help of 56 villagers who play their part in the film in one form or another. And with the help of solar energy, because electricity, Eugene soon discovers, does not exist.

Eugene does not like it at all. He wants to escape to Australia to see the world. But who does not melt for the purity and kindness of the villagers, their beautiful singing and spiritual strength. Eugene begins to improvise, makes a blackboard with his own hands and learns to make fire from dry yak droppings.

However, it is not just one Back to basics-Movie. Lunana, Thor Yak in class It is about the search for happiness. Eugene believes he will find this happiness in Australia, while it is within his reach in Lunana. In the end it is about all those teachers who are important to the future of their country and who have decided to leave. You feel pain.

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