Luuk makes a huge mistake in Media Inside: ‘He was still sweating in the car at home’

Locke said in a new episode of BLVD podcast. The announcer says that before the broadcast he was wearing makeup next to him Good morning Holland-Host Mike Timmermann is also a guest. There is also Tamar Butt and Fanny van de Rijt, who are better known as the “Media Girls”. They tell Luc that Marcel is a big fan of him Good morning, Holland – an important detail in the story of Luke.

Locke continues: “Gijs Groenteman was already in that little room, all crammed together, and then Marcel walked in. He looked into the room, looked at Maaike and said: ‘Heeeeey! It’s very clear to everyone in the place: He’s going to greet Mike sweetly because he loves her. A very sympathetic moment.”

But the moment Marcel extends his hand, Locke starts working with what he says is “a stupid head.” “I think he goes for me. So I grabbed his hand in front of Maaike, and I held his hand and said, ‘Hey, I’m Luke!'” ’, like some kind of collective. So everyone in the room was like, ‘This is uncomfortable. It was already uncomfortable, but now it’s completely uncomfortable.’”

Luc quickly understands the huge mistake he has made and quickly lets go of Marcel’s hand, only to be given a new one a little later. “Luckily someone talked about it, but it was a really embarrassing moment.”

Despite his blunder, Luke has a great time as a guest. What he also likes is that the software appeals to a completely different target group. “I got it from my brother—apparently he doesn’t watch RTL Boulevard—and I got it: I was in within the mediaI always watch that. how beautiful he is! Then I thought: I watch TV every day, but he obviously doesn’t find it interesting enough.

He listens BLVD podcast Now through Spotify. A new episode released every Thursday.

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