Mac desktop computers appear in the Self-Service Repair program

Self-service repair on Mac

Apple recently expanded its self-service repair program to eight additional European countries, including Belgium. This program now covers Mac desktop computers.

For now, the expansion has only been done in the United States. Consumers can now use this software to repair their own Mac M1 computers as well as MacBooks and iPhones. Apple provides parts for iMac, Mac Mini and Mac Studio with M1 processor. Older Intel-based Mac systems are not supported in the self-service repair program. It is still not known if Apple plans to change that later.

Mac desktop computers in the self-service repair program

This principle is in line with the approach the American tech giant uses for its MacBooks. At the moment, the service only offers components suitable for M1 devices. In the field of iPhones, we see that only the latest iPhones are supported. For example, the iPhone 11 cannot be repaired by the consumer; Parts only available from Series 12.

Mac desktop computers extension discovered by Six colors. However, some questions remain unanswered. Among other things, the message leaves Mac repair prices in the middle. This also applies to the type of tools Apple hires to repair Mac computers and the associated rates. Currently, the cost of repairing MacBooks and iPhones is 59.95 euros. Shipping and tooling collection are included in this rate.

When Apple will bring the possibility of repairing Mac M1 desktop computers to Belgium is still unknown at this point. Since the reform program is already available in our country – unlike the Netherlands – we certainly hope that it will start to be implemented successfully.

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