Machandel continues to expand

Machandel is growing steadily in Hollerwig. Last year, the producer’s revenue was மில்லியன் 40 million. This is an increase of 8.5 million euros compared to 2019. For this year, director Hon van der Lou Machendel expects to be able to realize a revenue of மில்லியன் 45 million. He has a goal of 80 million euros in five years. “We want to grow by 10 to 20 percent every year.”

Entrance to the Machendell office in Hollerwijk

Necessary steps have recently been taken to realize this ambition. “We recently bought the vacant buildings of Chicken Slaughter Frisia, which also employs 25 former Frisia staff in Machandal, bringing the total number of people working for us to 120. The buildings will be used for storage, but also for future production.” We also have the right to first purchase land of several thousand square meters on our own premises. “

Peanut line

The company offers 400 to 500 biodynamic and organic products to wholesalers and distributors. Most of these cross the border, mainly to Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan and Australia. Machandel not only fills glass jars safely, but also fills sauces, soups, nut butter and pickles.

Machandel works with about 100 organic and biodynamic horticultural and agricultural farmers. “The long-term relationship of trust that we have with them and our customers is the pillar of our success,” he says, adding that in principle we are strategic partners and expects the demand for organic food to continue to increase.

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