Macron gets US Secretary of State during the submarine controversy

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French President Emmanuel Macron receives US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen. This is the first high-level Franco-US meeting since relations between the two countries deteriorated significantly last month over a dispute over the sale of French submarines to Australia.

The meeting was not on the agenda of Blinken’s two – day visit to Paris. He will only speak to his French colleague Jean-Yves Le Trian. According to the French government, the planned meeting should help restore confidence. But according to those involved, the French and US presidents still have a lot of work to do by the end of October.

Paris was outraged when Australia canceled a deal to sell French submarines to the country for more than .5 77.5 billion. Australia suddenly seemed to be entering into a new strategic alliance with the United States and Great Britain. France has not commented on this and is unaware of it.

Not only the French but also the Americans, Australians and British feel betrayed by the loss of the submarine contract. The new coalition, called AUKUS, has long been negotiated in great secrecy. The Americans and the British are going to help the Australians with nuclear submarines within that alliance.

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