Macron: ‘Little friends’ with VK is not a concept

In an interview with the British newspaper The Guardian and some other media outlets on Saturday, French President Emmanuel Macron called on the United Kingdom to clarify its friendship with the European Union. Macron talks about ‘half friends’ in that interview, little friends.

In that interview he warns British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to choose who his allies are. “Being friends is not an idea,” Macron said.

“What political course does Britain want to take? It cannot be the best ally of the United States, the best ally of the European Union and the new Singapore. It must choose a model,” the French president said in an interview.

Friends and associates

Earlier this month, Macron praised the British as friends and allies, despite Brexit in his New Year’s speech. According to Macron, it is not a bar to good relations between the two countries, it will be strong and friendly.

Macron says he has the idea that the British leadership has “sold” various models of people’s cooperation. “If the British want to pursue a full Atlantic policy, we as the EU want to make it clear that there will be deviations from the agreed rules and access to markets.”

The French president praised Britain, saying “but I think Brexit was a mistake.” “I respect the sovereignty of the people, the people voted, so it had to happen, but I think the result was based on a lot of lies. Now we see things getting more complicated in many areas.”

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