Madhu Releases Second Song “Neon”

After Runner’s first single, Madoux released her second single with Neon on IVY Records. Songs that beautifully illustrate the two faces of this Dutch artist. Two faces cleverly complement each other to create a record that well emphasizes Mado’s musical features.

With minimal guitar and cello accompaniment, “Runner” provided plenty of room for Madoux’s beautiful sound, ranging from dark with occasional raw edges to loud, clear and noble. Without drums or bass, as a listener you were immersing yourself in a somewhat sad, joyful world.

As a lot of space was featured in Runner on Madoux’s voice, in the song ‘Neon’ she has to share rhythm and analog sync, setting the song in the direction of darker pop. A species that is already being explored by many with varying degrees of success. This success is most likely in the near future for Mado. The word “neon” has a very fast and easy tune on the ear, but is also sexy enough to impress. You sympathize with someone who feels lonely in an accelerated society. Hope also sees the light at the end of the tunnel, even if it is just a flash.

With “Runner” and “Neon” Madoux released two different business cards that together offer insight into her musical world. So we are looking forward to her debut album.

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