Magazine Property praises Groningen: ‘Hospitality seems to have been invented here’

Magazine Property commends Groningen:

Quirky retail offer, many busy (night) restaurants, few vacancies, well-maintained public spaces, attractive wandering area, attractive shopping streets and, above all, a “Cultural Department Store” like Forum. He. She Property Journal Groningen praises. “Hospitality seems to have been invented here.”

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The Groninger Business Courant He writes that in the article we commend the municipality, which not only comes up with great plans, but also actually implements them under the heading “Space for You”. The author Jorine de Stoer points out in Article – Commodity As an example of the bus-free Grote Markt, which will be redesigned soon.

The close cooperation between the various parties in the city center was also commended. The Groningen City Club, the municipality, the local business association, cultural parties and knowledge institutions work closely together to achieve a hospitable city center with unique streets with a clear identity.

The magazine ends with the conclusion that it is inevitable that the city center of Groningen has a bright future. Read the article over here.

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