“Maintaining health is also an important factor in better sports these days”; Joeri van Liere won the European Championship gold in a special way with Orange | Sports in Zeeland

Cable – Gold is gold. In the end, Joeri van Liere (35) doesn’t really care how he became European champion with the Dutch wheelchair basketball team. It is believed that it is a shame that Great Britain withdrew from the final due to infection with the virus in the team. “But staying healthy is also an important factor in top sport, especially in these times,” he says. We’ve been very careful with the Orange team. We were in our own bubble and took precautions well. I think we were simply the best in this tournament in that regard.”

The European Championship held in Madrid was more than a success for Van Leer. Coming away, he secured a ticket to the 2022 World Cup with Orange and was ranked A with NOC*NSF, so he can now make a living through his sport. In addition, he received a lot more minutes of play than expected. ,, I did not participate in the quarter-final against Poland. In the other five duels, yes,” says Cappelinar. “Against Austria I had most of everyone’s time on the line. Well, don’t expect something like that in your first final.”

“The players involved were grateful to me”

Van Lier also received compliments afterwards. He did his duties well. People who follow me from a distance tell me: I had a little bit of the ball and I didn’t score. But that’s not what I do on the field.”, I have to guide our best players into the group so that they can score from under the basket. In the fencing with Austria I managed maybe 40 times. My fellow players are very grateful to me for that. Of course I also want to score But that’s later.”

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