Maja Huttmann and Karen Kortenhorst exhibit from Wire Artists at the Silver Museum

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Schoonhoven – In the presence of Mayor Roel Casimir and Mayor Nocturnal Marco Odschorn, the Strings Attached Gallery opened on Saturday at Zilvermusuem in Schoohoven.

Works by Maja Hotmann and Karen Kortenhorst will be on display. They make up a special duo gallery. What connects them? wires. And herein lies the paradox: Maja processes meters of fine wire into wearable, while Karin searches for space and creates large sculptural objects.

“We would like to thank the museum for giving us this opportunity,” says Karin Kortenhorst during the exhibition opening. “We have been working hard for this exhibition for six months. It is also great to see how little manpower the museum has been able to achieve.”

“It is a special exhibition in which the artists themselves have worked outside the seams,” said Marcel Tihou, director of the Silver Museum, during the opening last Saturday. In 2016, silversmiths almost disappeared and that worries me. As a result, I started drawing attention to more silversmiths.”

Maja Huttmann and Karen Kortenhorst were trained in drafting at the Vocational School in Schönhoven. After that, everyone went in their own direction, leaving behind classic jewelry. Karen went to the Art Academy and immersed herself in 3D design. Maja also obtained a diploma in silversmithing and later specialized in perforation.

Micro Techniques
Maja Hotmann (1963) became fascinated by the self-developed technique of microwire. Airy, yet surprisingly strong, wraps make up necklaces, bracelets, brooches, rings, or stand-alone items. Maja continues to learn, experiment and collect. Sometimes with gem stones, sometimes with meters of chains, they are cut and processed again. But she also applies her acquired knowledge and new ideas to larger scales or artistic objects. Her work has won international awards such as the prestigious Saul Bell Award and the China Human Resource Development Award. Where the legendary Arachne was the mistress of textile, Maja goes one step further.

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Karin Kortenhorst (1961) studied at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht, where she completed a degree in 3D Design with a major jewelry subject. It evolved from making jewelry to creating massive and spatial sculptures. She twists, hammers and winds aluminum, copper, and iron wires in her studio. These materials twist, bend, hammer and connect in such a way that large transparent volumes are created. Framing the sky makes the space visible. This space takes on meaning: it can be an opening, a pause, or a place to be. Her work has been shown and purchased in galleries and museums at home and abroad.

“Krimpenerwaard Cultural Centre”
“The Silver Museum is the cultural center of Krimpenerwaard,” Mayor Roel Cazemier began his speech. “It is a very valuable asset. It is the only real silver museum we have here in the Netherlands and we as Krimpenerwaard Museum can be very proud of that.”

We managed once again to put together a wonderful exhibition for the museum. There are currently even three different exhibits on display, which is unusual for a museum of this size. In addition, this exhibition is also very beautiful.”

Unique farewell gift
The Museum took this opportunity to also thank the Mayor for the past years he has been involved with the Museum. As an expression of thanks, he received a ‘farewell gift’, which is silver cufflinks.

Strings Attached Gallery brings these two special ‘wire artists’ together
agreement and contradiction. Karin and Maja show new things and
Show the soft side of the hard material. On display until early May 2022.

This post has been read 78 times

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