Making the Windows 11 taskbar animated “is not worth it’

Microsoft does not plan to make the Windows 11 taskbar animated at this time. Tally Roth, Head of Production for Windows 11, says recently AMA (Ask Microsoft Anything) on ​​YouTube That only a small percentage of Windows users complain about the lack of this feature, so adding it again isn’t worth the trouble.

She speaks directly to Microsoft Note Center Against, where a proposal to make the taskbar animated again received the most votes in favor. The suggestion is definitely not the only one on the taskbar complaints list, seven of the top 10 needed changes in the Note Center are related to the taskbar.

Roth goes on to say that adding the feature back in isn’t as easy as we think. Moving the taskbar changes the “flow” of the desktop, and all applications and programs must adapt to it. It’s not clear from her story why this problem suddenly appeared, not in the past 26 years that the functionality has been in Windows (from 95).

Windows 11 users do not have to settle in the sticky taskbar. A simple change in the registry places it at the top of the screen, and a third-party program can completely replace the taskbar with a more efficient one.

The taskbar is discussed from 9:55 in the video.


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