May 25, 2024


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Man breaking world record for “watching the same movie” with Avengers: Endgame

dezelfde film kijken
Watch the same movie

You just have to feel the urge to do so. The world record for watching the same movie was broken by watching Avengers: Endgame Crazy multiple times.

You can watch your favorite movie 5 or more times. But to make it a real sport? There are enthusiasts who take this job very seriously. A movie fan in the United States broke the world record for seeing the same movie in the cinema. He’s watched the massively successful Avengers: Endgame 191 times.

Avengers: The game takes about 3 hours. This means that Ramiro Alanis, as the new record holder is called, has spent 573 hours of his life watching Endgame. You have to do something for it, of course, because you can break a record by watching the same movie.

Record watching the same movie set in 2019

The record is officially confirmed by the Guinness Book of Records. This means that he got certified. Now we have to wait and see who breaks his record. The disadvantage is that you can only watch movies that last a long time in the cinema. Your favorite movie may not appear on the silver screen. In any case, it is difficult in these times, because the epidemic has shut down cinemas in many parts of the world.

Avengers: Endgame has not been in the movies in a while. So the record was set on July 29, 2019. It’s only now that the record-breaker has been recognized by the Guinness Book of Records. The cinema’s first day was April 26, 2019, and it took a little more than three months. (Across

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