Man in Ukraine invents snowy street murder | Currently

A man in Ukraine called the police on Saturday night and tested he had committed a murder in hopes that officers would come with an icebreaker to arrest him. He was dissatisfied with the condition of his street, Writes English newspaper Watchman.

Due to heavy snowfall in Ukraine in recent days, a layer of snow covered the Street of Man. Earlier in the day, he tried to clean the street, but wasn’t happy with the result.

So he decided to try a different method. A Ukrainian called the police on Saturday evening and confessed to committing a murder, he writes Watchman. He said he stabbed his mother’s partner in the chest.

“But at the same time he warned the police that they have to come with the snow plow because there is no other way to reach it,” a police spokesman said. Watchman.

After the officers arrived (in an SUV and not a snow shovel) they discovered that none of the story was true. The alleged victim was in good health. The “killer” immediately admitted that the story was fabricated. Can be fined € 3.50 for filing a false report.

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