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The first news in the title race came early from Anfield, as Liverpool took over without Mohamed Salah and Virgil van Dijk. The latter was particularly missed, when the back goalkeeper looked really bad in the third minute and took advantage of Pedro Neto after a low cross. After Luis Diaz had a great chance of equalizing, it was midway through the first half as Sadio Mane scored a 1-1 equalizer after a superb pass behind the standing leg of Thiago Alcantara.

City fared much better at the Etihad Stadium, but eight minutes before the break, the title fight got really exciting when Aston Villa fired from a sporadic counter-kick. Lucas Denny’s cross was measured and Matty Cash beat Ederson with a header. However, it was not easy at the Liverpool stadium. Five minutes before the end of the first half, Alisson Becker had to intervene to prevent Hwang Hee-chan from making it to Wolverhampton 1-2.

After the break, City increased the pressure, but soon Aston Villa got a huge opportunity. After a superb kick-off, Ole Watkins managed to continue, but the striker fired wide. Tensions seemed to overwhelm both City and Liverpool, with Salah coming in an hour later. In Manchester, Aston Villa again managed to strike. Philippe Coutinho hit former Liverpool player Nota Bean with a superb control kick and a dry shovel into the short corner.

This seemed to be the end, but City woke up in about ten minutes. At first Ilkay Gundogan scored a good header, then Rodri equalized with a good shot and moments later Gundogan made it 3-2 for Pep Guardiola’s side.

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The Spaniard praised his players for winning the fourth English Premier League title in the past five seasons. “If you can do it in this country, it is because these guys are very special. It will be remembered forever,” the Spaniard said after winning the title on the last day of play against Aston Villa (3-2). Guardiola started as England coach in the 2016 season. / 2017, when he finished third with City.

Once before, a team from the English Premier League managed to win four titles in five years. That was Manchester United led by Scottish Alex Ferguson. Guardiola has become the Premier League’s best coach from outside the UK with his fourth title in the tournament. Both Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho won three titles. Ferguson is the record holder with thirteen.

The pressure then increased from Liverpool as Salah made it 2-1 and Andrew Robertson 3-1. As a result, City were not allowed to give up their valuable lead against Aston Villa.

Tottenham into the Champions League

Tottenham Hotspur finished fourth and thus entered the Champions League with City, Liverpool and Chelsea. She won a visit to Norwich City Tottenham Easy with 0-5, in part due to a huge mistake by Tim Kroll. So Arsenal’s 5-1 victory over Everton no longer matters. Van de Beek, who came half an hour later, scored for the visitors.

Veltman provides service to Ten Hag

Eric Ten Hag does not have to report to the League Conference with Manchester United next season. For a while it looked as if Manchester United were going to lose sixth place, when they themselves were 1-0 behind Crystal Palace and West Ham United were ahead of Brighton. However, Joel Veltman has helped his longtime coach bring Brighton’s equalizer, so that Ten Hag will initially focus on the Europa League in Europe next year. After Feltman’s goal, Brighton ran for a 3-1 victory.

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Burnley exit

The curtain fell on Burnley. Wout Weghorst will play in the championship next season with Watford and Norwich City. Burnley lost 1-2 to Newcastle United at home, while Leeds United beat Brentford with the same numbers.

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