Mandel United is owned by the French investment group

Mandel United is owned by the French investment group

The ambition is to grow to the level of professional football (1B) as quickly as possible. In addition, Mandel United will have a second team regionally, and will continue to introduce women’s soccer and studios and expand the youth academy to the Belgian elite 5-star level. Ravi Trochott was appointed president, Manuel Montevidoni and Paul Seneff as directors. Dominique Bailey, the former mayor of Orchies and a senator in France will be the new CEO of the team, and Mario David will remain the sporting director.

Local mooring

Ravi Trochott, President of Mandel United NV: “Strive Football Group is committed to continuing to nurture the local football fabric of KFC Mandel United while expanding its international reach.” Strive Football Group privately owns and operates youth soccer academies, the most famous of which is owned by the International Center for European Football ( with academies and clubs in the United States, Europe and Africa including Miami City FC in the United States, (Thonon) Evian Grand Geneve FC in France.

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