Many misconceptions about obesity are not limited to ‘one diet’

Boone conducted a survey among 6,500 people, along with Stitching Overweight, Vital 10, the Opsidas Clinic Netherlands and Goodlife Pharma. 89% believe it is not the fault of the obese, but 83% believe that they can start it on their own, without the need for treatment, medication or surgery.

Lack of morale

The results of the survey were released today on World Obesity Day. One-third of respondents were obese, one-third were overweight, and one-third were healthy.

Healthy weight quarterbacks believe that obese people are not mentally fit. Of the 1,700 obese respondents, half said it was difficult to lose weight with constant testing of a good diet.

“It’s a complex disease and many factors, such as lifestyle, stress, medication with a fatty side effect and your genes, can contribute to its development. It’s not a disease you have to do yourself,” Boone says.

‘Obesity is a disease’

“Obese people want to deal with their excess weight, but often can’t do it alone,” he continues. “It’s not surprising that once a person becomes obese, many systems in the body are disrupted and it is very difficult to lose weight. It is not a matter of being on a diet alone.

Boone considers it “too long” for obesity to be seen as a disease. It can also prevent additional diseases such as diabetes or heart disease. “It’s weird that we treat obesity issues, but the underlying problem – ignoring obesity,” says Boone, who, among other things, focuses on the problem through the knowledge quiz #Wetlastic.

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