Marc de Hond gave Remona’s partner a great start in the grieving process

According to Raymona, Mark could be very present on the field, but he certainly wasn’t the best player. He had a continuing role within the team. He whipped things up, because there was hard work to be done. “He knew he wasn’t the best player. However, I think Mark would have preferred to remain a basketball player than become a commentator.”

confidence in the future

She herself won a bronze medal throughout the European Championships in 2011 and became the Netherlands champion in the high jump. “I didn’t get everything out of it. For example, I should have made it to the 2012 Olympics. When that didn’t work out, I was living it mentally.” “We were on vacation during those games and she didn’t want to see anything,” Mark de Hond said of it.

In his final weeks Mark organized a lot and talked to people. It gave Raymona confidence in the future. “He did it to bring things closer, to make it easier for me. When we heard a couple of months before he passed away that he wasn’t going to get better, he shut us down. He knew it wasn’t all about him anymore. It was all about him. Me and the boys. It gave me a jump start in the grieving process.” . “We miss him so much,” she concluded.

Paralympic Sound Museum

Marc de Hond’s wheelchair basketball commentary will be added to the Paralympic Acoustic Museum. A fragment has been found in the depths of the archive that also shows Lieutenant Colonel Roos Oosterbaan. “I liked the comment so much.”

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