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Lifeguards in Ruigrijk, As the story is called, it tells about Rutger, the boy who wants to become the strongest and most powerful knight in the country. But since Rutger is in a wheelchair, this sounds like a difficult dream to fulfill. However, when a dragon threatens the inhabitants of Ruigrijk, he decides to go out with his neighbor Ella, who cannot see, to save everyone.

De Hond Efteling has been helping for a few years as a consultant to make the park accessible to everyone. This led, for example, to Nest! Playground, which will open in Efteling this summer and revert to its easily accessible advice. According to Efteling, visitors with or without visible or invisible limitations were taken into account when designing and developing this play forest. “He inspired each other and this gave him the idea for an Efteling fairytale,” says the director. Queen Sanders From Efteling. “It’s great that we are finally sharing this story with the outside world.”

Remona de Hond FrancineMark’s widow, release mention Rescuers from Ruigrijk “The peak of cooperation with Efteling.” Shortly before his death, he made it clear that this was one of his last wishes. I am very proud and grateful that Efteling is perpetuating its name in this way. “


Efteling produces books in close collaboration with PrentenboekenPlus and publisher Unieboek Het Spectrum. Rescuers from Ruigrijk It will be released in various issues this spring. A picture book, a reading copy, and a touch picture book will be published, especially for children with visual, auditory or communication impairments. In this version, the illustrations are tangible and the text is displayed in both capital and braille.

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De Hond died in early June at the age of 42 from cancer. Initially he made a name for himself as an internet entrepreneur and DJ. Due to surgery on a spinal cord tumor, De Hond ended up in a wheelchair in 2002. After that, he worked as a wheelchair athlete, writer, and playwright.

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