Marc Overmars must pay 1.25 million euros signing bonus to Dutch football club Ajax

Marc Overmars has to pay his bonus with the extension of his contract to Ajax. The club announced this today when presenting its half-year numbers.

Overmars decided to leave Ajax on February 6, following reports of cross-border behavior towards female staff at the Amsterdam club. He was reappointed on January 28 during a special general meeting of shareholders until mid-2026. Overmars received €1.25 million in signing funds.

The Ajax Supervisory Board confirms that Overmars eventually decided to resign. According to the Supervisory Board, there is no redundancy scheme and the prepaid signing fee of €1.25 million must be repaid in full.

Ajax wants to create a safe working environment with the help of an external agency

Ajax wants to take steps towards a safer working and sporting climate at the club. The National Champion engaged an external specialized agency to start the business.

Director of Football Marc Overmars departed on February 6 after being found guilty of misconduct towards female club staff from Amsterdam over a long period of time.

On Friday, Ajax stressed in an explanation of the half-year figures that cross-border behavior was strict for women who had to deal with this. “An external agency has launched an investigation and comes up with recommendations that will be followed up with the help of expert third parties,” the club said.

Unanswered questions

Shareholders, sponsors, members, and Ajax supporters still have many unanswered questions after leaving Overmars. Immediately before the renaming of Director of Football Affairs, the club’s management had already received signals about cross-border behavior by the former international player.

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Ajax reported that general manager Edwin van der Sar was informed on 26 January by a club staff member about possible infringing behavior by Overmars. Chairman Leen Meijaard was informed on January 27, the day before Overmars was to be reappointed during a special general meeting of shareholders.

Ajax maintains that on January 27 there was only one mention without mentioning any facts, names or dates. The club considered postponing the extraordinary meeting on January 28 to reset Overmars, but it was said that correct information was missing.

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According to Ajax, postponing the meeting would have led to a lot of turmoil and questions that could not yet be answered. Affected employees could have felt postponing the meeting as unsafe, possibly at the expense of finding out the truth.

On January 27, Ajax immediately hired an independent outside expert. He soon declared that the secrecy of the signal was of critical importance to a thorough investigation and necessary fact-finding. Only after a few days of external investigation and many conversations did a correct picture emerge of the nature and extent of the Overmars’ behavior across the border.

When Ajax decided to proceed with the extraordinary meeting, it was taken into account that this would not have irreversible consequences. If the signals are not sufficiently grounded, the Overmars reset will still work. The Director of Football Affairs can be fired if the outcome of the investigation gives reason to do so.

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