Marcel van Roosmalen and Jess Gruntmann fill the void on SBS 6 after Today Inside | Displays

Marcel van Roosmalen and Gigs Gruntmann have a show on SBS Channel 6. They will follow the trio in June. indoors today on me. The TV season ends on June 2nd for Wilfried Jenny, René van der Gyp and Johan Dirksen. They can be seen again in August.

Sources confirm that Van Roosmalen and Gruntmann are taking a trip. It has been applying since January 2021 within the media In BNNVara on the public channel. In March this year, they completed their fifth series. In the past, Van Roosmalen has been a regular guest on the programs Genee, “Gijp” and Derksen.

Van Roosmalen and Groenteman are doing the podcast Another Day Together. In addition, the two also performed together in the theater with the performance of De pannekoekencaravan. It is not yet known what their new program will look like on SBS 6. Between this program and the beginning of indoors today Is it the faith that helen hendrix orange summer Showing on SBS 6. SBS 6 could not be reached for comment.

a surprise

Johan Dirksen heard the news on Wednesday night before the Today Inside broadcast. “A complete surprise,” Dirksen replies, “but it’s a good thing.” “I introduced Marcel van Roosmalen and Jess Gruntmann months ago HLF8 To do when this program scored a very poor score. Besides, talk show we already had ten. I also said it on our broadcast, but then they didn’t think these two fit in SBS 6. Now apparently yes. We were surprised about that too, but maybe they finally realized I got it right,” Dirksen smiles.

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He’s a huge fan of within the mediawhich began as a parody of Veronica inside, as Genee, Gijp and Derksen’s talk show was initially called. “I think they like it. Also a bit in the alternative way. The humor appeals to me. Gijs is a fun interview. Getting people talking. I like the combination of Marcel’s dry sense of humor. It’s so much fun.”

last broadcast indoors today is on June 2, but Dirksen fans might not have to miss it. Helen asked me for this offer, but I still have to think about it. If you watch TV every day all year round, I don’t know if it would be desirable to sit there also during the holiday period. I’m still thinking about it.”

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