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Emotional incontinence

I was having my first cup of coffee this morning when my brother asked an unexpected question in the family app. Whether we’ve already heard Marco Borsato’s new song. “That’s a good song,” he chirped after, followed by a snapshot of the lyrics. ‘It’s always a fight. My head is my heart. Just one second with you, “he highlighted some sentences. We asked him to stop. We don’t like emotional incontinence.


He called me, so is my brother. Whether I want to discuss the text with him. I refused, hung up, then called my ex-boyfriend and husband, all of them on the family’s slightly quirky app as well. It was nice to wake up with sober people around me, because if we hate something in this family, it’s a fake feeling. Hypocrisy dripping from this song.

It turned gray

It’s taste eh, let that be clear. You may like it. May catch. But you don’t have to. I think it is horrible. I fear my inbox today will be filled with angry Porsato fans who discovered somewhere in my writing archive that I had fooled myself, so I should shut up. Don’t touch their Marco. They have now grayed the record and given everyone a second chance at life. And a third, fourth, fifth and sixth also by the way.

The shame is over

What bothers me most about “Just a Moment” is Leonten’s insolent claim. Leave that woman. “Dear, take me one more time, one more time before you go. I know it’s too late, but give me one second with you. So that I recognize him if he’s standing in front of me. My heart knows forever and I will never forget what love feels like. Which. This text,” zum kotzen.So you cheated on her a few times and now asking if she wants to help you recognize your love? Oh man, man, shame really goes beyond. Do it yourself.

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Where is your dignity?

It is the song of life. Of course it is part of this emotional frenzy. Leontine loved it. vulnerable. Pure and loving. She touches her deeply. And it’s nice, of course, that she takes it positively. I just shake my head when I read something like this. It’s better than hating and fighting each other, as the majority of ex-people take a course of action. But come on; Where is your dignity? I’ve got a middle finger.

Still wonderful

Then on March 13th, we have the interview the Netherlands seems to be waiting for: Marco joins the winter month in Linda de Molle. The hype is spinning again. I expect a tear behaved. Lots of hollow phrases. The answers you can use with one-to-one as the song for the sugary Next. We can tie an arc around this whole thing. The entertainment world is still great. Cool, fun, but also tiring.

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