Marco reveals the main reason for the Australian Verstappen crash

The fourth Grand Prix of the season is scheduled for this weekend. In Imola, current world champion Max Verstappen gets a chance to get revenge after a very tough start to the season. After all, the Dutch Red Bull driver was out in two of the first three races, but also won in Saudi Arabia.

Verstappen retired after his team forced him to park his car near the track during the Australian Grand Prix. It was not immediately clear what caused the crash, but it was clear smoke was coming from his Red Bull car. However, before racing on Imola, it becomes even clearer.


Red Bull consultant Helmut Marco has further clarified the most recent failure of Verstappen. The Austrian consultant issued a significant statement to his comrades from the ORF: “The engine is absolutely fine, no problem. The malfunction caused by the explosion of the high pressure petrol line in Australia. It may have been caused by the pump. Simulated. Test bench.”


Marco’s rationality is astonishing, as the Red Bulls have far less difficulty in fighting than in competition. Ferrari and Mercedes cars are much worse than the Red Bull. Toch Marco says that was the reason for Verstappen’s failure. However, the Austrian quickly sharpened his words: “We have some control, but there are still some small movements. We consider this to be the main cause of the damage to the fuel supply.”

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