Marek Elsinga used to “complain in the shower” about her previous job

Marek told Presenter Bastian Meijer that before she ended up in the media world, she worked for a company that makes travel software. For example, they made films about Dubai or Johannesburg to show tourists where you should really go.

“Along with a colleague and founder of that company, I traveled to Dubai. We didn’t know anyone there and it was up to us to generate nearly three tons of revenue. I felt pressure and pressure to get deals. All kinds of restaurants and theme parks that wanted to pay. In exchange for participating in this film, she “explains about a world that has been increasingly against her.

“I got more and more spots on my neck because of the sale, always moving away from home and work. I decided to keep working for a year. Then I felt like I was going to do it right,” and then I’ll enjoy being back in the Netherlands.

However, it did not continue that year. This was mainly due to a project in Antwerp, to which she was sent alone. She only came home on the weekends. Then the drama cameGTSTMoment ‘, as you call it.

“Once I was crying in the bathroom, literally. Then I thought, ‘I’m leaving my job tomorrow. I wrote that straight away in my diary, wrapped it around me in a towel and my hair was still wet. It was very theatrical.’ You really don’t want that anymore! “I also jotted it down so that I wouldn’t part it the next day.”

Marek is now completely in her element, including as a member of the jury I can see your voice. She recently got us behind the scenes.

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