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She admitted that she suffers from “a kind of hilarious nervousness and a tickle in the stomach” all day long. Unloading at Marielle Toebeck, one of the presenters news hour, followed that day shortly after 5 pm when it was announced at Ketelhuis in Amsterdam that the current affairs program was a Zilveren Nipkow disc. have won. She raised her arms excitedly.

“An award for the entire press and our entire team,” said Marielle Tuebeck. The current affairs column of NOS and NTR, which won Even Tot Hier and Srebrenica – Dutchbat’s weak assignment, has been praised as a program that lovingly takes responsibility every day for policing power and facilitating public debate in the Netherlands. According to the jury, the series of key interviews in the recent parliamentary elections was an excellent example of this. We’ve had a good year, for which we’ve received a lot of compliments. From all angles really, but Nipkow, that’s a huge honor.”

Newsur’s secret? We always invest in investigative journalism. But somehow this year everything just clicked. That starts with research, which wasn’t just a little bit of work, but months of work. By the editors of The Hague and the best editors of Hilversum. This allowed us to take a deeper look at things. Combine knowledge. Watch: What do politicians promise? What is in their programme? What did they say? What is achieved? Then you get, for example, that Thierry Baudt says he doesn’t believe in climate measures, but we can show that he ran a huge wind farm in Brabant. The viewer can judge, said Tuebeck, who “enjoys this press immensely.”

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,, for me come news hour Everything in my life together. Special topics on the agenda. Politics is my great love. Especially the long conversation that revolves around the content. And this search. I’ve been doing this for a while, so I have file knowledge, but it’s still great to study on a topic. This should be in your head, especially when it comes to elections,” said Tweebeke, who was surprised by Arjen Lubach’s clause (“Don’t go to news hour‘). The TV maker is highly praised news hour and Tweebeeke. Even her children Sebastian, 11, and Valerie, 13, came home with her. It looks like، news hour No, it’s late, but she came up with our stories from school when Arjen Lubach made a song about her. It’s great that we also reach people in this way.”

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