Mario Isola explains Australian GP tire choice: “Teams now have more strategic options”

The Formula 1 circus is gearing up for the third round of the World Championship. That will take place this weekend in Australia and Mario Isola explains that Pirelli has gone back to the 2019 tire selection, hoping to improve the scene.

The Albert Park Street Circuit made several changes to last year’s race. As a result, Pirelli made a conservative choice of rubber last year for that race. At the time, the tire manufacturer avoided a compound, hoping there would be some tactical differences. However, practice showed that last year’s softer tire (C5) was not used or rarely used, so Pirelli returns to the tire choice for 2019.

High work evolution

The Semi Street Circuit in Melbourne is known for its high track evolution, so the track gets better every session. “As is usually the case in Melbourne, we expect track evolution over the weekend, while tire energy requirements will be average for the season. Year, which benefits both overtaking and the general scene,” Isola opens.

Back to 2019

Although the tires are different from 2019, the choice of compounds is based on that year. “We made the same tire choice for the Australian Grand Prix as in 2019. After two years off the calendar due to the Covid pandemic, we opted for a break in the compounds last year: C2, C3 and then the soft C5. That race was won by Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc, and all the teams used the hard and medium tyre. used, while the soft tire was only used in qualifying,” continues the Italian. “The teams have C2, C3 and C4 at their disposal this weekend, which means that in terms of tactics, at least on paper, they have more options for the race,” concludes Isola.

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